Despite the horrendous weather, the Queen was celebrated (albeit in unceremonious ways).

So, it rained. Again. Spirits un-dampened, however, we still played our rounders matches against Year 6 (and lost both of them, albeit narrowly), we were still entertained (albeit in the confines of the hall) and we still consumed ice creams, lollies and royal cup-cakes (albeit...nothing; everyone declared them delicious).

Now we plough on once again, I think in an undisturbed week.

As a means of enhancing our fractions knowledge (and dipping a toe into next term's work - sneaky, huh?), we will experiment this week with a little bit of ratio and proportion in Maths. Nothing to scare the horses, you understand; just a bit of equivalent fractions in disguise. We will also widen our knowledge of Ancient Egypt with a look at housing, creating some persuasive writing while we're doing so.

Speaking (or rather writing) of AE, it will be time shortly to wrap some mummies in Art, which will also prompt a bit of instructional work, re-capping a unit of work from three terms ago. 

Mixed in with all that will be some on-going comprehension practice and a bit of general Maths worded questioning too as it's always good to keep your hand in, I find.

So, nothing special, nothing royal this week; we don't even care much if it rains...though it would be nice if it would stop, at least for a little while...wouldn't it?

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