Opening up the school.

Arts Week and Open Afternoons.

Over the last two weeks, we have been pleased to welcome so many parents, grandparents and friends into the school during schoolday hours. Alongside our regular, monthly community lunches, Arts Week (22nd-26th January) and our two Open Afternoons (30th January and 2nd February) have seen a large number of visitors linger in the main hall and get down to work in children's classrooms. Our Friday Gallery at the end of Arts Week gave people a chance to see everything from Kandinsky-style tiles and painted T-shirts reflecting a World Cup participating country, through multi-class fractal pyramids and Egyptian desert dioramas to paper-sculpture Brandenburg Gates, any amount of international cooking and the happiest looking cruciform statue of Christ the Redeemer possibly ever created. Mrs. Black, our Arts subject leader, put in a lot of extra time and research in order to prepare us all and furnish us with ideas and resources and the children gave of their creative best in response. Forging the thematic link with the FIFA event, she even managed to secure the talents and teaching of Jamie Knight, a freestyle footballer, to kick the week off (behind-his-back-kick the week off, of course - just ask the children) for two days before he had to jet off to the Middle East with Rio Ferdinand. We were especially grateful for the week-long support of "the Two Nannas", as they became known, who helped with so many projects and, indeed, to the other parents and friends who lent the children their time and skills at various points during the week in various classes.

The now-established Open Afternoons have also just taken place and we hope the opportunity to see a little of exactly what your children get up to between the hours of 0845 and 1530 met or even exceeded your expectations. As always, if you have suggestions for improving the impact of these "events", or have other ideas for parental engagement, do let us know by e-mail, letter or in person. We will always try to respond positively. Thank you.

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