The January not-so-blues.

Education – not just for week days, but for Sunday 28th January too.

Welcome back.

The January period after the hub-bub of Christmas and the New Year can sometimes seem a bit bleak and a bit empty, but at school it’s a time of renewals and resolutions. It marks the start of a term that sees classes re-focus on lots of new learning and on enhancing skills that may have been introduced in autumn but now need lots of re-emphasis in order to instil them into the collective consciousness. Expectations are high, as always, and advancement is the name of the game.

We have welcomed Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Buchanan into their new roles as Orange A class teachers and know they will bring both nurturing and a zeal for academic achievement to their roles. We have established a working party to ring the positive changes to aspects of break and lunchtimes. Forgiveness is the attitude which will receive special focus throughout the term and, whatever the weather, we know Mr. Hall will be equal to any challenges from keeping the plumbing in order to gritting the unfeasibly large car park.

As for Sunday 28th January, that’s the date of the annual Education Sunday service to be held at Tunstall Church to celebrate the force for good that is education and for us all to re-dedicate ourselves to the cause, adults and children alike. We will be seeking readers, writers and singers to contribute in their different ways and hope that as many of the school community – the children, parents, staff members and governors – will be able to attend.

So, January…not so blue after all.

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