The countdown is now well and truly on with only 15 school days left at Tunstall for the year 6 children.

We start this week with a science workshop - funded by the PTA with the after school ice-cream takings; clearly a lot of ice creams and ice lollies have been consumed!

Monday will also see the Spoken English auditions, with fellow pupils voting on who goes through to the final next Monday afternoon.  Hopefully those entering have been practising - and possibly preparing props too.

We will continue to plan for our enterprise fund raising throughout the week; bookings started to come in on Friday and hopefully parents have some cash left after the fete so that we get more bookings on Monday. Candy Connoisseurs get the ball rolling with their after school sweet shop Monday to Friday this week while the Cinematics team are planning 2 film screenings for Friday night and ticket sales are going well. 

Thursday is transition day for a number of schools: Fulston Manor, Borden, Highsted, Invicta, Rainham Mark and QE. Hopefully parents have been advised of the arrangements for the day.

On Friday afternoon, the whole class is participating in the Summer Concert (with Indigo class) and there are a number of individual performances too. 

When we are not busy with all of these activities, we will be preparing for our Leavers' service, but we are keeping details under wraps about all of that....

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