The week ahead.

This week we have the honour of being the first class this year to create and present a class assembly, based of course around this term's theme of friendship. Consequently, we will look at the idea of what friends are for and be informed by some New Testament scripture in order to generate a presentation for a whole school act of Collective Worship in which we will celebrate friendship...and set everyone in the school a secret mission. More to be revealed on Wednesday.

Having solidified our grasp of multiplication, division, multiples and factors, we shall carry out our first application of these concepts through fractions, starting with identifying, forming and using equivalent fractions. After a week and a half of preparation and background reading and planning, it is also time now to begin our construction of parallel narrative texts, each of which will be informed by a very different opinion. Both Lady Marsden (a lady-in-waiting) and the Earl of Shrewsbury (delivering the warrant and overseeing its consequences) will write their first person accounts of the last twelve hours of Mary, Queen of Scots, hopefully using the past tense and some specified conjunctions and suitably supportive/critical voices and details.

A display of our first preparatory work based around the work of pop artist Charles Fazzini has gone on show in the upstairs corridor and, having looked at why the Saxons came and who they were, we shall move on now to consider their homes, hopefully constructing a model village to represent one of their communities.

Another busy week coming...

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