Week one - tick!


After our first full week, I am incredibly proud of the class adapting to life in the Juniors.  It is massively different from the infants and the work and behaviour expected is so much more.  The children found it really tricky in the first few days as they got used to me and Mrs Wilde and we got used to them.  Thank you for your support as we progress into our new way of working, I know some of you have been disappointed this week in the reworked PE lesson but the children completely understood how their behaviour had affected others learning and this is a sign of their maturity and willingness to settle in well to their new key stage.  Well done Team Green, we are getting there!

We are still on the hunt for any parents that would like to spend an hour a two each week listening to the children read.  If you haven't got a current DBS check, you can read with the children 3 times and see if you like it before you commit!

The children have done some fantastic work this week looking at the text 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole' their character descriptions were fantastic.  We will continue with this text next week and other books by Michael Foreman.  We will look at first and third person, tense, story beginnings and endings and adverbs.

Maths moves on to number bonds to 100 and adding and subtracting 10 and 100.

Science will be playing with magnets and finding out what repels and attracts to them.  The children loved using forcemeters last week to see test friction with materials.

Art will be continuing with our aboriginal work that we can hopefully get on display in the corridor for you all to see soon!

RE will be finding out about the tenth plague as we discovered what the first nine were on Tuesday! And we will hopefully get through two PE lessons too!

Congratulations to Monty who won our merit award for trying really hard in his maths lessons and always finishing the work set!  Max was our pupil of the week - a clean sweep by the boys and our lovely Elephant table were the well deserved winners of the table prize!

Don't forget that clubs start next week, the children have brought a mountain of letters home this week with details of all the clubs that they have been accepted on.  I look forward to seeing the boys at the Boys Reading Club....as always, volunteers to read are welcome!

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