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Weekly Prayer

This week's prayer.



We humbly ask you, Almighty God;

Give us a desire to help those around us;

Show us how we can be of service to others;

Help[ us to live lives that others find pleasant;

Fill us with your spirit of joyfulness;

Teach us to pray;

And be near us always.



MoreSep 25, 2016 | News
Merit Awards


This week's Merit Award winners!

MoreSep 16, 2016 | News
Our Tree of Service

This term, our value is Service and everyone will be encouraged to think about how they can put themselves in the service of others.

MoreSep 13, 2016 | News
Proud to be Outstanding

We are proud to say that our Ofsted report is now available on the Ofsted website...

MoreMar 13, 2016 | News
A small part in history

Just to update you on the old site - we can confirm that it was successfully auctioned by Clive Emson on May 3rd. 

MoreFeb 23, 2016 | News