School Council

Welcome to our School Council.

Our School Council consists of two pupil representatives from each class in KS1 and KS2 who are voted for at the beginning of the academic year. A Chairperson and Secretary are voted for during the first meeting in September and the children meet regularly with Mrs Scargill to discuss various topics throughout the year.

After School Council meetings, representatives feedback to their classes, often asking for opinions and ideas on topics that have been discussed in our meetings. Pupils throughout the school are able to make suggestions through their class councillors and each class has a School Council book that is used to collect thoughts and ideas and it is then brought back to School Council meetings for further discussion.

Mrs Hutchings is always interested in our work, she often asks us to ask our classes what they think about a topic or idea and our secretary takes a copy of our minutes to her.

School Council representatives for 2017/18 are:

Orange S Class – George R and Poppy R

Orange A Class - Harry Ma and Nyah

Yellow R Class – Austin and Izzy C

Yellow S Class - Evie S and Mikel

Green Class –Lucy and Ethan

Blue Class – Toby (Secretary) and Olivia

Indigo Class – Zak (Vice Chair) and Sophie

Violet Class – Grace (Chair) and Tyler 

School Council Minutes 2016/17

School Council Minutes - March 2017.pdf

School Council Minutes - June 2017.pdf

School Council Minutes - January 2017.pdf

School Council Minutes - May 2017.pdf

School Council Minutes - September 2016.pdf

School Council Minutes - October 2016.pdf

School Council Minutes - November 2016.pdf


School Council minutes 2015/16:

Minutes 22nd June 2016.pdf

School Council Minutes - May 2016.pdf

School Council Minutes - 16 March 2016.pdf

School Council Minutes - March 2016.pdf

12 January 2016

24 November 2015

21 September 2105