Teaching Staff

KS1 and Early Years

Red M Class (Reception) - Miss H Miles BA(Hons)

Red B Class (Reception) - Miss S Brown BSc (Hons)

Orange S Class (Year 1) - Mrs C Scargill BA Ed

Orange A Class (Year 1) - Miss A Adams MA (Maternity leave

   Maternity Cover          - Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Jenkins

Yellow R Class (Year 2) - Miss S Rogers BA (Hons)

Yellow S Class (Year 2) - Miss R Spence BA (Hons) 


Green Class (Year 3) - Mrs S Black BA Ed

Blue Class (Year 4) - Mr D Miller BA (Hons)

Indigo Class (Year 5) - Mr R Ingram BA (Hons)

Violet Class (Year 6) - Mrs M Campbell MA (Hons)

Part Time Teachers

Mrs A Walker BSc (Hons) Inclusion Manager
Mrs K Julier BA Ed
Mrs L Buchanan BA (Hons)

Teaching Assistants

Red M Class (Reception) - Mrs P Hall, Mrs T Partridge, Mrs J Whaite

Red B Class (Reception) - Mrs A Boorman, Mrs K O'Callaghan

Orange S Class (Year 1) - Miss J Kirkwood

Orange A Class (Year 1) - Mrs H Heather

Yellow R Class (Year 2) - Mrs K Hall

Yellow S Class (Year 2) - Mrs S Underdown, Mrs K Heather,  Mrs S Politowicz

Green Class (Year 3) - Mr S Conway

Blue Class (Year 4) - Mrs S Hadler, Mrs K Chase, Mrs W Harwood & Mrs N Foot

Indigo Class (Year 5) - Mrs C Orr, Mrs C Freeman

Violet Class (Year 6) - Mrs H Wilde